Financial Survival for Retirement™

Financial Survival for Retirement is the class that Annalee Leonard has been presenting over the last several years.  Attendees have consistently rated the class as excellent, citing the clear, logical and useful information presented.

This class focuses on the financial challenges and opportunities unique to today’s retirees. If you are either retired or getting close to retiring, learn how to better manage and control your investments, get information on basic tax reduction strategies, increase your monthly income, protect your life savings from investment mistakes and avoid unnecessary estate taxes.

Registration information can be obtained at the college by calling (850) 484-1979 for Pensacola State College and (251) 990-0445 for Coastal Alabama Community College.

Mainstay Financial teaches courses in conjunction with Pensacola State College and Coastal Alabama Community College, serving Escambia County/ Santa Rosa County, FL and Baldwin County, AL areas.

Meet the Instructor

Bob BeargieInvestment Advisor Representative
Phone: (877) 860-7752

Pensacola Off ice (850) 437-3127
2810 E. Cervantes St | Pensacola, FL 32503
Fax: (850) 437-3998