Concerned about Employee Retention?

There’s been a revolutionary shift in the mindset of employees over the last few years. Workers today care just as much about their work environment and the employee benefits available to them as they do about the size of their paycheck.

Whether you’re recruiting or seeking to keep your current employees, a 401(k) is a terrific incentive. According to industry surveys, most employees work harder and stay on the job longer once a 401(k) is introduced.

In the past, only large corporations could expect to realize this benefit from their retirement programs. But, small companies are now equipped to compete on a level field for the employees they need.

Mainstay Financial Group & Alphastar Capital Management provide the optimal solution for your small business 40l(k) plan management.

Fiduciary Responsibility: We act as your co-Fiduciary, requiring us to put you & your employees’ interests ahead of our own when giving financial advice.
Fees & Actively Managed Funds: We select & monitor a fully diversified menu of low-cost investment options.
Investment Education: We take the time to educate, utilizing our highly trained team of wealth advisors to hold regular investment education programs for you and your staff.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Are you paying too much in taxes?

  • Are you concerned about retirement?

  • Are you concerned about retaining your employees?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should contact us to learn about our 401(k) Solutions for Business Owners.

Paying too much in taxes?

401(k)s are designed with some great tax advantages that can benefit you this year and well into the future. In fact, it may even cost your business less than not having one at all. Any company costs associated with operating a 401(k) plan can be deducted at tax time – including any contributions your company makes to the plan.

Plus, if you have at least one employee, and this is your company’s first 401(k) plan, your business is eligible for an annual federal tax credit of $500 for each of the first three years. That’s a $1,500 extra tax break!

Concerned about Retirement?

Many financial experts agree that 401(k)s are the preferred way to help build wealth for retirement. 401(k) plans were created with unique advantages that can make a real difference in your savings.

Experts estimate that you’ll need between 60 and 80 percent of your pre-retirement income to live comfortably after you leave the work world behind. Sure, you could open an IRA. But you’ll be able to contribute far more – over three times as much – to your nest egg with a 401(k).